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We Build Electronic Enclosures

Custom Production, Quality Assured, and Consumer Focused



J.M. Gillin can make products that range from Type 1 to Type 12 Nema classifications of electronic enclosures. We also have the capability to make other products such as bolted pressure switches, roadway junction boxes for “Jersey Walls”, and UL compliant wiring projects. We can build these great products with aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and various other metals. We can accommodate small and large orders of all products that we offer. 

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Over the past 35 years, J.M. Gillin, has developed a procedure that allows us to build electronic enclosures when ordered. This allows us to charge less than our competition on “Custom” enclosures. JM Gillin understands that all jobs are different and thus custom enclosures are normal and routine. So why are they charging more for this service? We can make your enclosures faster and cheaper than the major manufacturing companies do, and focus on you, the customer. 

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An experienced metal fabricator by trade, Jim Gillin recognized early on that the electrical industry had specific needs that could best be served by a company specializing in electrical enclosures. That’s why he founded J.M. Gillin in 1975. Guided by the philosophy that the industry would benefit most from a fabricator that could offer a full spectrum of quality products, at reasonable prices, and with quick turnaround, Jim dedicates his full resources to the design and fabrication of top quality electrical enclosures.

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