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Step 1: Contact

The first step in this process is to contact J.M. Gillin by calling, emailing, or filling out our quote form.  We will respond to any form of contact quickly. 

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Step 2: Consultation

J.M. Gillin will help you in the design of the product if needed. You can send J.M. Gillin your design in a industry standard formats (CAD/CAM) for approval. Once the approval process is completed we will than begin construction. 

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Step 3: Construction

J.M. Gillin will construct your product to the rigorous standards that we have used for the previous 35 years to ensure the quality of the design.

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Step 4: Shipment

J.M. Gillin can ship its products anywhere in America.  We have many shipment options to meet your scheduling needs. 

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1.4-x10Ft Shearing Capabilites

Assembly 400 amp Electrical Bussway