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Underwriter Laboratories, Inc.


J.M. Gillin meets all national electrical codes and is certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Our products are engineered, designed, and manufactured in strict compliance with UL’s rigorous quality guidelines and safety requirements. And, we maintain our certification by consistently passing random spot checks by UL field representatives. J.M. Gillin currently has UL contracts that cover junction and pull boxes, cabinets and cutout boxes, and industrial control panels, all certified for use in the United States and Canada.


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.002 of an inch precision

UL Labeled Wiring

J.M. Gillin’s expert builders take great pride in producing the finest electrical enclosures. Enhancing the capabilities of their sophisticated equipment with their skill and expertise, our fabricators punch patterns, holes, and cutouts with precision—with accuracy to within .002 of an inch—ensuring that all components fit together perfectly, every time. They further ensure that edges are clean, folds are crisp, and finishing is exactly as requested.