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Electrical Enclosures

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We Build Electrical Enclosures

Wall mounts, modular units, or one-of-a-kind units!

Stainless Steel Transformer Cabinets


The J.M. Gillin Corporation builds all electrical enclosures once ordered. This allows us make "Custom" enclosures much faster and at a lower cost than our competition. You can turn to J.M. Gillin with confidence for all of your electrical enclosure needs—from Type 1 to Type 4x products, from painted steel to polished stainless finishes, and from empty to fully wired and tested enclosures. 


We can offer you code-compliant wall mounts, modular units, or one-of-a-kind, heavy industrial enclosure systems—each with a full range of available custom paint and finishing options.


We can make the following and more:


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Convention Center Style Box


VTC-200b Mazak Vertical Milling Machine


UL Labeled Wiring