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J.M. Gillin

we make custom and standard electronic enclosures

JM Gillin Corporation

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Do you need a Custom Enclosure?

Custom electrical enclosures for prefabricated prices


Do you need custom equipment made for your next project? With JM Gillin, you are never limited to a catalog of standard product offerings or asked to pay high prices for modifications.  We can offer you code-compliant wall mounts, modular units, or one-of-a-kind, heavy industrial enclosure systems—each with a full range of available custom paint and finishing options.

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Welcome to J.M. Gillin!

35 years of service


Welcome to the J.M. Gillin Corporation!  We specialize in the custom construction and fabrication of UL approved electrical enclosures. We make NEMA type1, type 2, type 3, and type 4 metal (from aluminum to stainless steel) enclosures and wiring.  We produce these high quality custom enclosures at pre-fabricated prices instead of the high prices charged by others.  For 35 years we have produced high-quality products for companies in America and abroad.  Give us a call (410-728-8700) or fill out our free quote form today. 

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J.M. Gillin has specialized in the fabrication of custom electric enclosures for 35 wonderful years.


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