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The Company that Jim and Baltimore Built!


An experienced metal fabricator by trade, Jim Gillin recognized early on that the electrical industry had specific needs that could best be served by a company specializing in electrical enclosures. That’s why he founded J.M. Gillin in 1975. Guided by the philosophy that the industry would benefit most from a fabricator that could offer a full spectrum of quality products, at reasonable prices, and with quick turnaround, Jim dedicates his full resources to the design and fabrication of top quality electrical enclosures.


After three decades of service, J.M. Gillin has earned a solid reputation for providing customers with superior solutions to even their most complex projects…even with short lead times. With Gillin, you aren’t limited to standard catalog products, or by high customization costs. Your choices are limited only by your specifications. And you always pay low, off-the-shelf prices.


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